The program covers the concepts related to VLSI, VHDL and PCB Design, Mosfet Details, Mosfet Models, CMOS Fabrication Process, Digital Fundamentals and design, Analog Fundamentals and design, CMOS Circuit Characterization, CMOS logic Design, Memories, Schematic simulation, IC Layout and simulation, HDL and PCB design.

This training program will help participants understand the basic concepts of Integrated Circuits, modern semiconductor technology and detailed analysis of designing of electronic circuits, both analog and digital

VLSI Course is designed for students and professionals who want to learn VLSI in Depth.

Course Objectives

  • Introduction
  • CMOS Fabrication Process
  • Digital Fundamentals
  • CMOS Circuit Characterization
  • CMOS Logic Design
  • Memories
  • Analog Design
  • VLSI Design Methodology
  • Schematic Simulation
  • IC Layout
  • VHDL
  • Soldering
  • PCB Layout

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Students will be provided with following credibility enhancement awards and documents.

  • Aspirevision Tech Education Training Certificate.
  • Internship/Project Letter (on successful completion of project).

Course Details

  • Course Category:Programming

  • Hours: 50/80 Hrs

  • Instructor: Certified Instructors

  • International Certification: MTA(Optional)

  • Training Certification: Aspirevision Tech Education.

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